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What is Meva?

We help medical practices automate their front office; including appointment reminders, recalls to get more out of their existing patients, as well as attract the new ones. We seamlessly integrate with most popular EHR/EMR systems with a synchronous flow of data between the systems.

Automated Appointment Confirmations

Reduces no-shows up to 40% with automatic email and SMS appointment reminders & confirmations. With this notification system, you can save your front office precious hours spent chasing patients to remind them of upcoming appointments. Reminders, confirmations & Followup requests.

Automated Recalls

Meva helps you activate dormant patients, book an appointment and increase practice’s profit. Our system seamlessly integrates with the most popular EMR/EHR systems, identifies the patients that are due for a checkup or a periodic procedure and sends automated text messages to which the patients can reply and make an appointment via text messages. 

Grow your pratice with confidence.

Two-way texting

Reaching patients over the phone can be a challenging task. Most of the time phone calls go straight to the voicemail. As an alternative, our system allows you to exchange text messages with the patient right in the platform. You can send a templated message and get notified as soon as the patient responds.

Insurance Verification

Eliminate the headache of insurance verification with our automated software. Whether in your office or on your website, a patient’s insurance coverage can be instantly verified. 

Here are some innovative ways our clients are using the tool:

1) Verifying insurance in real-time when confirming patient appointments
2) Providing insurance context in automated recalls (message: you have one dental cleaning left that expires in December)
3) Properly estimating insurance coverage when billing patients


Excellent service with Meva team. Very reliable and quality work. Highly recommended services for marketing and all website work!
– Dr. Anthony T.

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