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Appointment Dashboard

Get a clear, real-time view of who you’re seeing and when.

Meva’s Appointment Dashboard gives you an organized picture of what your day’s going to look like. It also shows you important information all in one place with the click of a button.

Running an efficient practice means that you need to stay organized.

Agenda View For The Day

Weekly And Monthly Calendar View

See Patient Text Correspondence Right In The Dashboard

Integrate Meva With Your Current EMR System (Limitations Apply)

With Meva’s Appointment Dashboard, you get easy access to crucial information right at your fingertips. We designed the dashboard for ease-of-use.

Once you’ve started using Meva, you’ll be greeted by a daily agenda. Here, you’ll see a list of who you’re going to see and when their appointment is, as well as whether they’ve confirmed their appointment. With just two clicks, you can prepare for your appointment by checking their clinical notes. Or if you just need to send or check text messages between you and your patient, you can do that too.

If your patient has booked you for a televisit, you can start the televisit in just two clicks from your dashboard.

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We designed Meva to be a flexible system. If you have a current electronic medical records (EMR) system, in many cases we can help you integrate it with Meva so that your patient records are intuitively available with one click—no need to scramble from one platform to another, or switching tabs or screens. You can also use Meva independently without tying it into your current EMR system.

You can also schedule appointments directly at any time. Patients don’t have to wait to book online. For example, your front desk staff can book and reschedule appointments in Meva directly.

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