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Automated Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Make efficient use of your business hours. Reduce appointment no-shows by up to 40%.

Meva’s automated reminder system saves your front office staff countless hours. Instead of having to chase down each patient over the phone to confirm their appointment, our automated system confirms and reminds your patients of their scheduled appointments.

We make it easy for you to reach patients however they prefer to communicate.

Text Message Reminders

eMail Reminders

Automated Voice Call Reminders

Reply-to-Confirm Using Any Device

As part of our initial setup, we work with your staff to customize patient reminders according to your needs. You can choose to set reminders for a week and a day before their appointment. This keeps your patient’s appointment in mind so that they don’t forget.

Patients aren’t just reminded of their appointment. Meva also sends them confirmation requests the day before their appointment. Patients receive a text, email, or phone call to confirm, just like they do with reminders. If they can’t make it to the appointment, they can conveniently reschedule whenever they have a chance. And when a patient cancels their appointment, it frees up that time slot for other patients. All changes to your schedule are updated in real-time and reflected in your Appointment Dashboard immediately.

Meva does all of this automatically in the background, so that you can focus on delivering great healthcare to your patients.

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