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Clinical Notes

Organize your notes in one place, conveniently and securely.

The telehealth industry is rapidly changing. That’s why Meva is an evolving platform that we constantly update to suit your needs.

Upcoming Features

Better EHR features. Add assessments, treatments, and diagnoses to your patients’ records.

Integration with Wiley Treatment Planner. (coming soon)

ICD-10 code templates.

With Meva, you can securely keep track of patient progress and access all of your progress notes in the cloud. Meva securely stores and encrypts all electronic private health information, including your clinical notes.

There’s also no need to worry about saving your work every few seconds. Meva securely saves drafts automatically as you type them. 

Sign and lock your progress notes, use ICD-10 codes and more with Meva Telehealth.

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