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Customized Recalls

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Automatically get patients back into your
office without lifting a finger.

Preventive care is a key part of any practice. Studies show that increasing patient follow-up rates results in a reduction of avoidable emergency admissions and readmissions, ultimately improving medical outcomes for patients.

  • Annual physicals
  • 6-month dental cleaning
  • Procedure follow-up visits

You and your staff no longer have to keep track of patients in a spreadsheet or calendar. Nor do they have to waste precious time calling patients to leave messages or remind them to come back for a follow-up visit.

Meva improves the coordination of patient care by automatically contacting patients for you when they’re due for their next visit.

Patients enjoy convenient reminders for ongoing care. And patients who have been dormant can be reactivated with an automatic message. The frequency and interval of these recall messages can be customized for your practice’s needs. Patients can opt out at any time.

Meva can automatically send out a reminder to patients to come in for an annual checkup. You can have Meva send it days or weeks before they’re due for an annual checkup.

Most patient who come in for a procedure will need a follow-up appointment. Meva helps boost follow-up rates by sending text messages and emails to patients to return for that procedure. The messages can

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