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Two-Way Text Messaging

Communicate directly with your patients to reschedule appointments, request reviews, or remind them to bring materials to an appointment.

64% of people prefer a text message over voice when it comes to customer service. And 78% of people say text messages are the fastest way to reach them for important updates. 

Streamline the communication process, reducing time spent on phone calls and administrative tasks.

Patients can also communicate with you or your staff over SMS. Texting is an expedient way for patients to:

Cancel or reschedule an appointment

Confirm an appointment

Ask quick questions

Meva provides you with secure, two-way text messaging between you and your patients. All your patients need is a cell phone number that can receive SMS messages. It takes just 3 clicks to start a text message conversation with your patient on Meva.

  • Secure And Encrypted
  • Fast And Efficient
  • Convenient For Both Patients And Staff
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Integrating secure messaging into your practice makes it easier for patients to communicate with you and your staff. There are times when communicating news to patients immediately and privately is important and texting your patient is the best way to reach them. For example:

  • If you have an emergency and need to cancel an appointment
  • If a last-minute opening comes up and you want to fill your schedule
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Meva makes important information convenient to view as well. Both incoming patient messages and outgoing doctor/staff messages are stored securely and displayed intuitively in the patient’s records. 

Improve the patient experience at your practice and make efficient use of your office hours and your staff’s time with Meva’s secure two-way text messaging.

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