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Security and Encryption

Engineered from the ground up to be 100% HIPAA-compliant and encrypted.

Every single facet of Meva is secured with the highest-grade and industry-leading encryption in telehealth. We completely safeguard all sensitive data and information.

Here are the ways that we ensure that we are building a telehealth practice management platform that you can trust.

100% HIPAA-compliant

End-To-End Encrypted Video Conferencing

Industry-leading Security For User Management And Login Security

Secure Personal Health Information And Patients Portals

Automatically User Logout After 15 Minutes Of Inactivity

Secure Text Messaging With PHI Redaction

Passwords Are Encrypted And Inaccessible To Anyone But Secure Administrators

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliant (PCI DSS)

Certified For ISO 27001, ISO 27017, And ISO 27018 Standards For Information Security

HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing

Meva deploys industry-leading security technology in telemedicine. Video conferencing between you and your patient is secure and HIPAA-compliant on Meva. A connection is established directly between you and your patient. Every single frame of sound and image is encrypted and transmitted securely between the two of you—nobody else. Unencrypted media is never written to the local machine’s disk. The video technology that we deploy is not only HIPAA and GDPR compliant, but also holds certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018—global standards for information security.

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Reliable, rigorously tested communications infrastructure

Telemedicine requires secure and reliable telecommunications networks. Meva operates on a strong, intelligently-managed telecommunications network. In addition to high-grade encryption, we ensure the delivery of crucial communications between patients and providers by using best-in-class network technology. Meva’s encrypted HD video calls, secure text messages, and emails are transmitted securely over a rigorously tested infrastructure with redundancy at every level.

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Safeguarded user management and logins

Meva is built with an industry-leading identity platform. When your patients create optional logins, their data is safe from hackers. Our platform offers relentlessly vigilant security, including protection from breached passwords.

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Payments as secure as any financial institution

Meva is PCI-certified. Payment Card Industry certification means that your patients’ online payments are processed securely using bank-level security. We are in 100% compliance with the security standards established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. All credit and debit card transactions are secured against data theft and fraud.

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BAAs for all our vendors

All third-party companies that we use to process personal health information (PHI) have signed a BAA with us, ensuring full compliance with HIPAA.

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